The Art of Pizza

Recently I have started making my own pizza's. I am a pizza lover, and I certainly enjoy going out to eat a good pizza. For a while, I even enjoyed trying different frozen pizza's. However, the frozen pizza is packed with preservatives, and all too often it is hard to have just the right toppings.

Pizza Notes

Pizza's I have Made

Pizza Teachings

Favorite Pizza Toppings and combinations

Frozen Pizza Reviews (Ranked top to bottom of my favorite)

  1. Newmans - From Paul Newman's foundation, it has just the right crust thickness for a thin crust pizza. I also appreciate the donations to charity.
  2. Uno's - The deep dish when done right, is delicous. Definitely bake it in the oven (30+ minutes) as per the directions in order to get the right pizza taste.
  3. Red Baron - Cheap and economical.
  4. California Pizza Kitchen - The sicilian style pizza is quite good.
  5. DiGiorno - It's a pretty good pizza when you are craving DiGiorno. I tend to cook it in a convection oven a few degrees cooloer and maybe 1-2 minutes less than instructed to get a more doughy crust. Occassionally I will add my own toppings as well.
  6. Toni's - Incredibly cheap pizza when you need a fix, I have seen it as low as $2.99

Pizza Places (Ranked in no particular order)

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