Assignment 4 - Paper Prototype

In this assignment, you will build the initial paper prototype for your project. The paper prototype is an artifact that demonstrates the key functionality of your system. This part of the system is not to be coded, but to be a physical copy of your interface. The term "paper" is use a little bit loosely, in that you can use cardboard or other materials to develop your application.

Sample prototype of 3D modeling application

Paper Prototype

You are building a low-fidelty prototype for this assignment, that is, a paper prototype. A paper prototype is a mock-up of the key functionality you plan to provide in your system. Paper prototypes can be:

The goal is to be creative, and not invest a lot of time polishing a product that has not been validated with the target demographic described in your user analysis. Your prototype should incorporate one of the functionality scenarios, in the 3 use cases from your previous assignment (if these have changed, then update them in the change log below).


You will deliver the following items:

Change Log, Guidelines, and update

Provide a list of changes if you have made any. Also spend time updating your guidelines document from the previous assignment. If you have made any major changes in your assignment, include a brief paragraph or bulleted list as well.


Throughout your assignment, state any assumptions that you may have. In each catagory, the goal is that this is self-evident, but you may add additional information as you see fit.


Please use bulleted lists and tables where appropriate. Start to think of your deliverables as a blueprint, such that another team in the class could follow along with your project. Use pictures, video, and add elements as you see appropriate. Be sure to cite all references!

Grading Rubric and Submission

You will submit your homework as a pdf on Blackboard for the CS 5340 course. Please do not e-mail me your submission. You may use tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Libre Office to generate .pdf files for submission.

The following rubric will be used to evaluate your work: