We are going to take a look at some statistics in this in-class activity. It is your instructors opinion, that R is a great langauge for performing statistics. That is what it was designed for! In this class, you are going to get introduced to R for programming. R programming could be very useful for performing your data analysis in this class, as well as other courses.

Here is your first step:
  1. You will log on to this interactive tutorial at Code School- Try R. If you do not have a laptop, then partner up with someone nearby.
  2. After you complete the tutorial, we will move on to the next task, of setting up R on your computer.
  3. We will be using R-Studio, which is a free environment for doing stats programming.
  4. Navigate to the r-studio website.
  5. Choose your platform (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, or Fedora) and download R-Studio. (It is around 100 MB to download 500 MB to install).
  6. Once you have R installed, you will download "The Undergraduate Guide to R". This is a nicely written introduction to R and programming.


Note that in-class activities are part of your participation grade, and participating will help you perform well on your assignments. You do not have to formally submit anything, (however I take notes of who participated!).