We have been working on web sites and web applications the past few weeks in class. Today we learned about the importance of building modules and easily consumable sites. We are going to build a Boostrap website, which emphasizes clean design using grid layouts.

Your goal will be to make yourself a Boostrap HCI Course webpage. This webpage will contain all of the in-class activities that we have and will be completing. Here is an example (my page).
  1. Here is an example of what your webpage may look like after today.
  2. To get started, navigate to: w3schools You may follow each tutorial sequentially, or otherwise follow these tutorials (at a minimum) and craft a custom webpage.
  3. After completing some of the tutorials, have a look at some of the templates for bootstrap here. Do you agree these are good layouts given what we learned today?
  4. (Note: CCIS Students have free web hosting available if you would like to host your site directly. Other students may request web hosting here.)


Note that in-class activities are part of your participation grade, and participating will help you perform well on your assignments. You do not have to formally submit anything, (however I take notes of who participated!).