Work day

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Today's goal: Polish up your platformers and finish up the special mechanic! Start working on part 3.


Work with your teammates! You do not have to come to class, but you do have that area reserved for the 1 hour 40 minutes. The lab will be evaluated by making sure something is committed in the repo during the scheduled time. :) Reminder your pybind11 will be due the Monday I return, and I look forward to sharing stories about GDC!


  • You and your partner will receive the same grade from a scale of 0-2. (Individual labs you get your own grade)
  • At the start of the next lab I will circulate to check off your lab. You or your partner should be ready to show it.
    • 0 for no work completed.
    • 1 for some work completed, but something is not working properly or missing
    • 2 for a completed assignment (with possible 'going further' options completed)

Found a bug?

If you found a mistake (big or small, including spelling mistakes) in this lab, kindly send me an e-mail. It is not seen as nitpicky, but appreciated! (Or rather, future generations of students will appreciate it!)
  • Fun fact: The famous computer scientist Donald Knuth would pay folks one $2.56 for errors in his published works. [source]
  • Unfortunately, there is no monetary reward in this course :)