Module 4 - Abstraction: GameObject, and Components - Module Overview
1.) Structure of a Game and a Game Engine | The Game Loop
2.) Introduction to SDL | Game Loop Timing
3.) Engine Support Systems | Resource and File Systems
4.) Abstraction: GameObject, and Components
5.) Data-Oriented Design and Component Systems
6.) Gameplay Systems and Engine Study
7.) Scene Structure
8.) Scripting
9.) Spring Break No Class
10.) Physics and Collision
11.) Parallelism and Concurrency
12.) Industry Guest Speaker - Demiurge Studios!
13.) Game Audio
14.) Mini Topics(Object Pools, Memory Tagging, command pattern)
15.) Share Final Projects

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For now I am linking code samples here: Github Code Repository for the course

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    • This is an evaluation of what was learned in lecture.
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Module Content

Module Overview

In this module we learn about 2D Rendering techniques

Module Outline

  • Lecture outline
    • Basic Terminology of 2D Rendering
    • Basics of 2D Rendering in SDL2
    • Game Objects/Game Entities
    • Component Systems


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